Jonathan Averstedt
A Swedish multidisciplinary designer currently working at TRY in Oslo, Norway.

With over 15 years of experience in the design industry he has worked on different projects, ranging from brand identity to campaigns, mostly specializing in digital design, animation, and illustration.

He has had the privilege to work with clients such as Telia, Norwegian, Hafslund, One Call, Aftenposten, Innovasjon Norge, Rema 1000, Narvesen, Statens Vegvesen, Hurtigruten and many more.

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+47 46 76 15 14

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Awards & Recognitions
2024 – EDA, Bronze: Printed Infographics (Norwegian)
2024 – EDA, Finalist: App Design (Weightroom)
2023 – Gullblyanten, Gold: Identity (Innom)
2023 – Gullblyanten, Bronze: Identity (Peer Gynt)
2023 – EDA, Silver: Corporate Illustrations (Innom)
2023 – Visuelt, Diploma: Brand Illustrations (Innom)
2023 – Visuelt, Diploma: Environmental (Innom)
2023 – Visuelt, Diploma: Moving Image (Narvesen)
2022 – Gulltaggen, Diploma: Websites (Telia)
2021 – Gulltaggen, Diploma: Product & Services (Jordan)
2020 – Visuelt, Diploma: Moving Image (Codan Forsikring)
2016 – Visuelt, IXDA-Award (Hurtigruten)
2016 – German Design Awards, Special Prize (Hurtigruten)
2016 – CSS Design Awards, Site of the Day (Hurtigruten)